Delta Artists

Event Summary

The presents:  Grand Prix of Art – Delta Sunday, July 17, 2016.  Hosted by Artists in the Village Non-Profit Society and the Corporation of Delta, one hundred artists from around the province will be assigned painting locations by random lottery and then paint in the streets of the Historic Village of Ladner starting at exactly 10am.

2016 Adult Artists

101. Victoria Heryet Website  Location#4

102. Natalie Way Website  Location#5

103. Brooke Borcherding Website Location#7

104. Ann Eynon Website  Location#

105. Carole Rayer  Location#

106. Carmen Kuiper Location#21

107. Tom Taylor Website  Location#24

108. Linda Jones Website  Location#16

109. Liz Sharpe  Location#5

110. Jess Rice Website  Location#

111. Janette Maley Location#25

112. Carol Whitlock  Location#20

113. Karen Pohlmann  Location#

114. Annie Tsai  Location#7

115. Paula “Daisy” Davies  Location#25

116. David McHolm  Location#24

117. Jodie Blaney Website Location#9

118. Denise Maxwell Website  Location#13

119. Richard McMillan  Location#3

120. Mike Rossiter  Location#6

121. Marv Skelton Website  Location#24

122. Loraine Wellman Website  Location#18

123. Larry Tillyer Website  Location#19

124.Iryna Kharina Website  Location#9

125. Arnie Fisk  Location#23

126. Marilyn Piccinin  Location#6

127. Gordon Borgfjord  Location#19

128. Caroline Drummond  Location#1

129. Linda Larsson  Location#1

130. John Beatty  Location#21

131. Karen Borgfjord  Location#

132. Elizabeth Chi  Location#17

133. Ching wen (Emily) Chen  Location#22

134. Carla Flegel Website  Location#21

135. Lily Yuan Website  Location#8

137. Veronica Davies Website  Location#13

138. Sonja Callaghan Website  Location#17

139. Michelle Wilson  Location#

140.  Maggie Stubbs  Location#10

141.  Susan Weih  Location#10

142.  Ceci Lam Website  Location#14

143.  Sonia Mocnik Website  Location#13

144.  Dennis Doherty  Location#4

145. Peter McGill Website  Location#25

146. Mary Jones  Location#11

147. Shannon Nixon Website  Location#15

148. Cynthia Cleator  Location#18

149. Colin Stewart  Location#

150. MaryLynn Burke  Location#20

151. Joanne Shellan Website  Location#7

152. Kimberly Baker Website  Location#15

153. Andrea Hunter  Location#2

154. Beth Volpov  Location#2

155. YU Long  Location#10

156. Gregory Feehan  Location#17

157. Stephen SQ Chen  Location#20

158. Dan Gray Website  Location#8

159. Daniel Lonsdale  Location#13

160. Leah Terpsma  Location#4

161. Adrienne Moore  Location#22

162. Carla Maskal  Location#19

163. Janice Mclean Website  Location#6

164. Gloria Malaka  Location#1

165. Viena Wroblewska Website  Location#7

166. Rod Winning Website  Location#11

167. Hai Ming Zheng Facebook  Location#11

168. Parminder Singh Atwal Website  Location#22

169. Maria Zheng  Location#14

170. Mark Glavina Website  Location# 4

171. Angela Kaye Location#23

2016 Youth Artists

Y201. Tahnee Sato-Klemm  Location#12

Y203. Isaac Sato-Klemm  Location#15

Y203. Sydney Wong  Location#12

Y204. Riley Bouchey  Location#16

Y205. Arianna Sharpe  Location#5

Y206. Spencer Wong  Location#12

Y207. Miah Sillett  Location#16

Y208. Ching ting (Melody) Chen  Location#22

Y209. Malia Baker Location#9

Y210. Avery Hansen  Location#12

Y211. Grae Hansen  Location#

Y212. Avery St Germain  Location#14

Y213. Kendall Sheridan  Location#3

Y214. Katie Sheridan  Location#3

Y215. Aaron Ma  Location#8

Y216. Twiggy Chen  Location#2

Y218. Eugene Wong Location#8



Visitors are invited to come and witness youth, intermediate and professional artists competing shoulder to shoulder in this grueling three-hour race against the clock.  The race ends at 1 pm when artists are asked to return their works of art to the Ladner Community Center for display and judging.  During adjudication artists and visitors are invited to Memorial Park for the artist picnic (catered by the Dancing Pig Restaurant), where we will unwind and listen to some great music and entertainment in anticipation of the awards to follow.  Over $2000 in prizes will be presented to finalists, including several youth and participation awards, with the grand prize winner walking away with the coveted, Grand Prix of Art Trophy.

Immediately following the award presentations, our exhibition will be officially opened back at the Ladner Community Centre where viewers will also have an opportunity to cast a ballot for the “People’s Choice Award”.   All works will be available for sale through Artist in the Village non-Profit Society, which will receive a 20% commission.  Artists will be required to pick up all unsold paintings at 6:00pm immediately following the show – with the winning paintings moving to city hall for display. The finalists’ work will be available for sale via silent auction and will also be on display for from July 18 to July 22 at City Hall, located at 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, BC V4K 3E2.


Mark Glavina

Phoenix Art Workshop

What You Need to Know

·        Artists should arrive at Ladner Community Centre at 9:00am.

·        Please present your printed tickets to the registration/check in area when you arrive.

·        After you check-in collect your event badges at the registration tent.

·        Once you have collected your registration package, please proceed to the Location Lottery Station where you will select your painting location for the day.  (If you would like to paint at the same location as a friend or partner, please arrive at the check-in area as a pair, and then tell our event ambassadors at the lottery table you would like to paint at the same location.)

·        Locations are done by random draw – our event ambassadors will be happy to review your painting location, parking and answer any questions you might have.

·        You should proceed directly to your painting locations so you have time to set up and plan your painting… in your mind only!  Remember, no marks on your painting surface before the Official horn sounds.  (artists are permitted to bring a primed/cultured canvas).  Keep in mind that work cannot be smaller than 8 x 10 or larger than 18 x 24.

·        You must paint at your assigned painting location, within 20 feet from the numbered flag. These locations have been sponsored by local businesses, so please respect that and paint from that spot.  Part of the judging is based on how well you represent the spirit of your assigned location.  In no way are you required to make a painting including the location sponsor but it’s a nice gesture if you can incorporate this into your works.   20 feet gives you lots of flexibility to cross the street or find the best possible vantage point for your work of art.

·        The 10am foghorn will mark the beginning of the competition and again at 1pm signifying the end of the race; brushes down!

·        Return to Ladner community Centre by 1:30

·        All artwork must be presented by 2:00pm ready to hang, with wire and art labels found in your artist package.  *** Artwork without wire will not be hung.

·        There will be a frame table set up with some materials, but these will be shared so you are better off to bring everything you need to make your artwork ready for hanging.

·        After you submit your work you can present your lunch voucher at the tent for an amazing lunch provided by the Flying Pig at memorial park across the street from the community Centre.

·        Judging will take place between 1:30 – 2:30 pm, with our awards ceremony starting at 2:30.

·        The exhibition will be open to the public at 3pm – 6pm with all unsold artwork being returned to the artist at 6:00pm.  Finalist works will be displayed at City hall until the 24th

·        The photography and peoples choice awards will be announced in the Delta Optimist Wednesday July 22nd.  (we will be sending photographers a separate letter with instructions)


Phoenix Art Workshop will be presenting a series of Plien air Boot camps in June, July and August to help encourage beginner and intermediate artists, provide students with great ideas and techniques for success while painting on location.  Join Mark Glavina with guest instructors for this series of informative and inspiring plien air workshops around the lower mainland. Visit our website at


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